Monday, April 14, 2008

Resources for "Poverty and the Environment"

Here are many articles pertaining to sustainable development, particularly slash-and-burn agriculture and deforestation.

"Finding Balance: Forests and Family Planning in Madagascar"


Poverty, Environment, and Sustainable Development: A Thematic Bibliography

Excerpt from Conway's article "The doubly green revolution: balancing food, poverty and environmental needs in the 21st century",M1

Food for All in the 21st Century, Gordon Conway

Poverty, policies, and deforestation: The case of Mexico

Effects of Poverty on Deforestation: Distinguishing Behavior from Location

Rethinking the causes of deforestation: Lessons from Economic Models

Deforestation in Cameroon, and Poverty in the Rural Zone

Land use intensification potential in slash-and-burn farming through improvements in technical efficiency

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