Monday, October 27, 2008

IMPACT minutes 10.27.08


Beyond Confusion Corner: Service and Civic Engagement in the City of Williamsburg
Wednesday, October 29th at 7pm in Morton 20
to quote from Long's e-mail..."Mayor Jeanne Zeidler, SA President Valerie Hopkins, and Social Services Director Pete Walentisch will engage students in a presentation entitled "Beyond Confusion Corner: Service and Civic Engagement in the City of Williamsburg". This is the city we live in for most of the year, and we all have a responsibility to be informed and active in our political decisions. A question and answer period will follow the presentation.

Food-Preparation Shift at the DC Central Kitchen
Friday, November 21 from 1:30pm-midnight at DC Central Kitchen
Organized by OSVS/Commuity Service Leaders...this is the blurb from the OSVS listserv:
*new* Nov 21:  Interested in learning about alleviating hunger sustainably in the DC Metro Area?  Volunteer for a food-preparation shift at the DC Central Kitchen ( on Friday, November 21.  A van will depart from campus at about 1:30pm and will return to campus around midnight of the same day.  For more information and/or to sign up, email!  Join the Community Service Leaders for a great service opportunity!Housing Partnerships Update

Housing Partnerships Update:
have not heard back from Brandie Wieler (volunteer coordinator) about Fridays; Kate will send her an e-mail


Our Mission(?)
  • What are the causes of poverty in Williamsburg?
  • Are they being addressed?
  • If not, what can we do to address them?
Areas of Focus for the Rest of the Semester:
  • local poverty and its characteristics (ie: Housing Partnerships and FISH)
  • local poverty research
  • global poverty research
*note -- next meeting we will divide into research groups for local and global poverty*

Goals for the End of the Semester:
  • have research that can be put in a report or perhaps even more condensed format
  • connect local poverty issues and research with what we discover about global poverty and solutions to global poverty
  • come up with ideas about the causes of poverty in Williamsburg, and perhaps direct the group to influencing Williamsburg practices regarding poverty (end of year)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update on the UN's Millenium Development Goals

Someone in my epidemiology class posted this link on our class blog, and I found it very interesting...lots of nice graphs. :-)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Minutes 9.24.08

Sorry I took so long to get the minutes from last week posted...

9.24.08 MINUTES

Peter Wallentisch—Director of Williamsburg Human Services

· Friday afternoon meeting? ~3:30, 4 October 24

· Thursday afternoon?

Campus Garden

· Tuesdays, 4pm-6pm


Housing Partnerships

· **Training Thursday at 7

· Weekends still on

Long’s Winter Break Service Trip

· In Williamsburg…stay at CCM Catacombs (just behind Alumni House on campus)

· January 18th – January 23rd

· Work with: Housing Partnerships, Head Start

· LET HIM KNOW AT MEETING NEXT WEEK if you are interested

Woolcock Publicity

**Clare Will Write Form Letter this Weekend

2.5-3 weeks prior: Contacting Department—Government (Katie), Econ (Jeewon), Soc (Lisa), Women’s Studies (Lisa), IR (Devin), Global Studies (KB or Clare), Anthro? (Kat), History (Katie), Hispanic Studies? (Kat), ENSP (Clare)

3 weeks: Facebook!!! Clare—event and event summary

2 weeks: Professors—contact anyone who might be interested! Let everyone know once you have contacted one professor

2 weeks: **OSVS—Melody Porter (Emily)

2 weeks: *Ginger Ambler and Taylor Reveley

Flat Hat (Katie)

SA (Clare)

1.5-2 weeks: Other student organizations—SEAC (KB and Clare), SSDP (KB), APO (Long), Wesley (Emily), TLSC (KB), CKI (Kat), Vox (Lisa), Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (Lisa), Student Organization for Animal Protection (Lisa), HOPE (Long), CCM (Kate), Lutheran Students Organization (Lisa), CPALs (Clare), IR club (Katie), Sharpe (Clare), Young Democrats (KB), Monroe Listserv (Lisa Grimes—Long), Obama Students (Clare)

2 weeks (consistently): Student Happenings, at or near top of e-mails (Long)

1.5 weeks: Flyers—Grace

SC Banner and feltboard—Kate and Grace

In-class announcements—Civic Engagement