Monday, October 27, 2008

IMPACT minutes 10.27.08


Beyond Confusion Corner: Service and Civic Engagement in the City of Williamsburg
Wednesday, October 29th at 7pm in Morton 20
to quote from Long's e-mail..."Mayor Jeanne Zeidler, SA President Valerie Hopkins, and Social Services Director Pete Walentisch will engage students in a presentation entitled "Beyond Confusion Corner: Service and Civic Engagement in the City of Williamsburg". This is the city we live in for most of the year, and we all have a responsibility to be informed and active in our political decisions. A question and answer period will follow the presentation.

Food-Preparation Shift at the DC Central Kitchen
Friday, November 21 from 1:30pm-midnight at DC Central Kitchen
Organized by OSVS/Commuity Service Leaders...this is the blurb from the OSVS listserv:
*new* Nov 21:  Interested in learning about alleviating hunger sustainably in the DC Metro Area?  Volunteer for a food-preparation shift at the DC Central Kitchen ( on Friday, November 21.  A van will depart from campus at about 1:30pm and will return to campus around midnight of the same day.  For more information and/or to sign up, email!  Join the Community Service Leaders for a great service opportunity!Housing Partnerships Update

Housing Partnerships Update:
have not heard back from Brandie Wieler (volunteer coordinator) about Fridays; Kate will send her an e-mail


Our Mission(?)
  • What are the causes of poverty in Williamsburg?
  • Are they being addressed?
  • If not, what can we do to address them?
Areas of Focus for the Rest of the Semester:
  • local poverty and its characteristics (ie: Housing Partnerships and FISH)
  • local poverty research
  • global poverty research
*note -- next meeting we will divide into research groups for local and global poverty*

Goals for the End of the Semester:
  • have research that can be put in a report or perhaps even more condensed format
  • connect local poverty issues and research with what we discover about global poverty and solutions to global poverty
  • come up with ideas about the causes of poverty in Williamsburg, and perhaps direct the group to influencing Williamsburg practices regarding poverty (end of year)

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