Sunday, April 13, 2008

Meeting Monday at 8pm in Tucker 131! (Details inside..)

Hey all,

We have a meeting tomorrow at 8pm in Tucker 131.  We'll be talking about three main topics:

(1) The current situation in Siete de Abril and the prospects for microfinance, with information we've just acquired from the VP of SHH,

(2) If and/or how we want to structure our leadership positions, and

(3) "Poverty and the environment," the scheduled discussion topic for next week (however, if you've been doing research in other areas, feel free to share).

Also, we now have a website(!!), which can be accessed by visiting .  Please bear in mind that it's still in its testing stages.  If you'd like to be added as a contributing author, please email me, Clare, or Devin.


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