Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Minutes from 9.9.08

So apparently attachments don't post when e-mailed to the blog...anyway, here are the minutes:

Monday, 8 September 2008 – General Meeting

Kate and Clare started with the Introduction/Framework of IMPACT humanity

  • IMPACT humanity’s primary mission is to help mitigate poverty in our (the
    Williamsburg) community
    - Our focus, at least for this semester, is on local poverty issues, though we will
    address some principles of global poverty and efforts against it later in the year
  • In order to be able to address local poverty, we will be learning about poverty in the
    area through working with local organizations that serve the poor and the
    economically disadvantaged in Williamsburg and James City County
  • Three general things will come out of these service experiences:
    · We will become more educated about poverty in Williamsburg
    · We can then act on this knowledge against poverty in the Williamsburg
    · We will then be able to teach the greater William and Mary community what we
    have learned

Jeewon and Grace continued by talking about the Research/Reasons Behind Service with Pre-existing Organizations

  • Research will be done by teams who will focus on work with a particular organization
  • These teams will then teach the rest of the group what they learned through the
    service education experience
  • Reasons for Working with Other Organizations
    - To learn about what is already being done about poverty in Williamsburg
    - To better understand the causes of poverty in Williamsburg
    - To understand better what we can do to contribute to the efforts already being
    carried out by other organizations

Katie and Karen then discussed Organizations We Will Work With

  • Housing Partnerships
  • Avalon
  • Head Start
  • Food Bank
  • Dream Catchers
  • Tutoring at local churches hosting programs for elementary school children in need of
    tutoring (branching off of a Sharpe scholars program from last year)

Long and John presented an Example of What We Mean (Lackey Free Clinic) – see Long’s e-mail/post for more information

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